Washington Media Scholars Foundation

Spring 2019

A competition wherein students from around the country compete in media planning. My partner and I created an on brief strategic media plan to increase awareness of a fictitious city’s baseball team. This media plan had both a political and advertisement agenda. A $10 million budget was used to create GRPs and impressions across significant media vehicles that were relevant to our primary and secondary audiences. Due to the size of this project it is not linked, but I would be happy to email my work to those who are interested. Email me at cristalynne29@gmail.com for questions.

Media Plan: Sonic Drive-In

Fall 2018

This was a group project completed for my semester-long Media Planning course taught during the Fall of 2018. My team and I developed a heavily researched strategic plan to reach the campaign’s target audience, including a media mix, media schedule, geography strategy, budget allocation, and reach/frequency/GRP goals with a $28 million budget. Simmons Research database, Statista and other data resources were utilized to find supporting data. Click on the image to the left to view the full media plan.

Advertising Campaign: Karma Water

Fall 2017

For my advertising class we were assigned to groups and required to choose a company that currently did not have much advertising in place. My group and I chose Karma Water. We then had to create an advertising campaign complete with budgets, media planning, brand activation and more. Click on the image to the left to view the full advertising campaign.

Print Advertisements: EcoScraps

Fall 2017

Completed for my Advertisement, Copywriting and Art Direction course during Fall of 2017.  The target market was wealthy, middle-aged, health conscious men and women The brand was EcoScraps which is an organic plant fertilizer brand that uses recycled food in its mix.

Website: Happy Tails Animal Rescue

Spring 2017

Assigned to code a website utilizing HTML and CSS.

Click on the photo to the left to view the website.

New Voices Literary Festival

October 2016- April 2017

New Voices Literary Festival is an annual literature festival held at Ithaca College. I was the design intern for this festival and created all of these posters which served as both online and print advertisements. These posters were the main sources for advertisement for the literary festival.

Print Advertisements

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Various print advertisements I was employed to create with Adobe Suites. All three posters are advertisements for author reading events that occurred at Ithaca College.